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Roll Up Tonneau Covers by:

Truxedo, Truck Hyde, Access and LiteRider

Roll up tonneau covers ad style along with great functionality. Can increase gas mileage by deflecting wind out of the back of truck. Hides cargo so no one knows what you are caring. Fast and easy access to the bed of your truck when hauling large items (15-30 seconds). Quick and easy to install, 30 minute installation time. Costs less than most fiberglass or hard cover tonneau.

TruXport Tonneau
Best choice for the bargain shoppers.
TruXport™ fabric expands slightly in cold weather, so it is very easy to operate – even at 20 degrees below zero! There are no cumbersome snaps of zip-strips to hassle with – no more tugging on the fabric to get it snapped. Just roll it back and latch into place. More Information

Truxedo Lo Profile CoverTruxedo Lo Profile QT
comes standard with all the same great features as the original Truxedo with an all new look.
Low profile design for a sleek, clean look on any truck – less than 1” above truck bed. Rails are at 29-degree angle for a smooth, low profile look. The “floating hook” and automatic tension control plungers work together to automatically keep the cover tight in fluctuating temperatures – even when the cover is closed! Velcro® brand hook design uses a “floating hook” technology that allows the hook on the rail to move, or float, back and forth. More Information

Truxedo Tonneau CoversTruxedo
is robotically cut for a precise fit every time. Premium quality fabric, thread, and hardware are standard in every TruXedo® kit. Black side rails, headers, and bows are customized to fit most makes & models. The unique inside mount design of the TruXedo® rails enables truck owners to accessorize with... Bed Rails, Bed Liners, Rail Caps, and Tool Boxes.
For extra cargo security, TruXedo® locks when used with a locking tailgate. Unlike hard tonneau covers, the TruXedo® rear header and bows roll-up with the cover, forming an even, compact roll. Complete cover self-stores with 2 security straps behind the cab, leaving the bed open for hauling oversized loads. More Information

AccessAccess & Access Limited
This outstanding innovation in roll up tonneau cover technology provides you with the versatility you need and the sporty look you want. Made model specific for a perfect fit. Available for most Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Mazda, and Toyota pickup trucks. These pickup covers are made of a heavy-duty, double-coated reinforced vinyl with a textured finish. Access and LiteRider rolling truck box covers are built to last. The roll-up bar, bows and cover easily roll out of the way to give you easy entry into your truck bed. These Tonno Covers are compatible with most truck bed accessories such as bed rails, box caps, spray on and under the rail bed liners, and tailgate protectors. It simply clamps on to the inside of your pickup bed. More Information

LiteRiderLiteRider Cover
The cover opens easily. Just release the auto-latch and roll the cover towards the back of the cab. The bar and bows roll together and store neatly behind the cab with a quick release strap.
Closing the cover is just as simple. To close, unbuckle the quick release strap and roll the cover toward the tailgate. Over-center the roll-up/tensioning bar into the strikes and the auto-latch automatically secures the cover tightly in place. The over center design of the rear roll-up bar make LiteRider™ the tightest, longest lasting soft tonneau available. Finally, seal the sides with the most reliable hook and loop sealing system. More Information

Can Back camper top

Canback & Softopper
Soft Sided Camper Tops by Can Back and Soft Topper are made from a thick waterproof marine grade canvas supported by a heavy-duty steel frame. The Soft Top provides cargo and bed protection yet permits easy access to the bed by unsnapping the fabric.  More Information Here

SuperSprings increase load capacity while stabilizing your vehicle.
The secret to SuperSprings unique self-adjusting ability lies in their patented tapered blade and shackle system which increases load and tow capacity without stiffening the ride. When there is little or no stress on the suspension system the weight is taken up by the narrow neck of the tapered blade. As load or sway increases, the stress moves progressively to the wider part of the blade providing true progressive suspension on an as-needed basis. The patented dual roller shackle system that attaches the SuperSprings to the factory springs prevents the rigidity and hard ride experienced by other helper systems on the market. Check out

Heavy Duty Truck Racks
Heavy Duty Hauler Tuck Racks, universal racks, van, caps, service body and ladder rack systems. The heavy duty truck racks have a static load capacity of 1,800 lbs. These Racks are anodized and Bright Dipped. The aluminum construction is lightweight and rust-proof. This truck rack is a must when quality is what you are looking for!!

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